DIC's Services in SHM and Risk Management

SHM Design and Installation

DIC provides consultation and design services to select the appropriate types of sensors and measurement techniques needed to monitor the structural health of buildings and bridges. We also evaluate and report the data measurements to provide a complete understanding of the structures' behaviors.

Long-term Monitoring of Infrastructure

DIC specialize in long-term SHM services for essential infrastructure. Our team designs and evaluates the sensor system (types, positions, etc.) and reports the measurement data to give a complete behavior evaluation.

Short-period Monitoring of Small-scale Structures

DIC provides short-term SHM services to examine the current performance of small-scale structures, such as low, medium, and tall buildings. We design suitable sensors for monitoring the vibration of these structures and report their evaluation.

Damage Detection Algorithms Development

Our experts design algorithms for damage detection of structures based on SHM measurements. DIC uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess the damage level in the time and frequency domains. We design advanced signal processing algorithms to eliminate noises and provide accurate structure behaviors.

Structure Performance Modeling

DIC utilizes Machine and Deep Learning Techniques to model structure behaviors and create computational models to evaluate structures in real-time. Our team uses Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and nonlinear dynamic time-history analysis to design control systems.

Control System Design and Evaluation

DIC designs control systems to reduce the damage of structure members under high impact loads, such as seismic loads. We simulate Passive Control Systems for buildings using shaking tables and scaled steel frames. Our experts provide consultations on sensor selection, positioning for SHM, efficient geomatic sensors, algorithms, and software that can be used for the monitoring system.