A Cloud-based Monitoring and Analysis Tool for Structures (CloudMATE)

Congratulations on our project, CloudMATE, being selected for support by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR) in the third public competition of the Program for the Support of Applied Research, Innovation and Commercialization SIGMA - Sub-goal 1 (SIGMA - DC1). Being among the 10 projects selected out of 24 proposals is a significant achievement, and it reflects the potential and innovation in our project. This support from TAČR will provide valuable resources and funding to further develop and commercialize CloudMATE. It's a testament to our teams hard work and dedication. Now, we look forward to advancing the CloudMATE project and making a meaningful impact in the field of applied research and innovation.

CloudMATE is an advanced cloud-based structural health monitoring (SHM) platform that uses digital twin technology and deep learning algorithms to create a virtual replica of a physical structure and monitor its health in real-time. CloudMATE's cloud computing infrastructure and user-friendly web application would enhance the data interaction among the physical structure, digital model, and human interventions, providing more flexibility and versatility for data acquisition, storage, analysis, and visualisation. The platform offers innovative and customised solutions for different types of structures (buildings, civil infrastructure) and regions, leveraging existing standards in European countries. CloudMATE would reduce maintenance and repair costs, increase service life and safety, reduce environmental impact, and create new business opportunities and markets for cloud-based SHM services and solutions.