DIC Shines at "Engage with... LIVE! 2023" Event in Birmingham, UK

DIC, a pioneering force in the realm of cutting-edge transportation technologies, showcased their exceptional work at the "Engage with... LIVE! 2023 - Driving Forward UK Electrification Technologies" event in Birmingham, UK, organized by Innovate UK KTN.

The event was a remarkable platform for DIC to engage with industry leaders and stakeholders who are steering the electrification of the transportation sector towards a more sustainable and efficient future.

DIC's participation in the event centered on the groundbreaking SETO Project. This ambitious project introduces a smart enforcement platform aimed at transforming transportation operations in a way that is transparent, efficient, and sustainable. SETO is pioneering digital platforms that can revolutionize how transport operators navigate the challenges of modern transport and compliance.

The event offered an opportunity for DIC to not only present the SETO Project but also to highlight the incredible synergies and benefits that digital platforms, such as those offered by SETO, can offer to the transport operators. It was a platform to share insights and expertise while connecting with key players shaping the future of transportation electrification.

Commenting on the event, Mohamed Eldessouki, DIC's Director, stated, "We are excited to be part of the transformation towards a more sustainable and efficient transportation system. Our participation in the 'Engage with... LIVE! 2023' event allowed us to connect with leaders in the field and showcase how SETO is at the forefront of creating smart solutions for the transportation industry."

With a commitment to technological innovation, sustainability, and a vision of a smarter, more efficient transport ecosystem, DIC is poised to make a significant impact in the industry.