Horizon Europe Grant Awarded to NATURE-DEMO Project Led by DIC

We are pleased to announce the successful acceptance of the "Nature-Based Solutions for Demonstrating Climate-Resilient Critical Infrastructure (NATURE-DEMO)" project for funding under the Horizon Europe program. This landmark achievement marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of climate resilience and sustainability in critical infrastructure across Europe. DigInnoCent s.r.o. (DIC) expresses gratitude for recognizing the potential and significance of the NATURE-DEMO project. The company is committed to leading this groundbreaking initiative, collaborating with partners and stakeholders, and ensuring the project's success.

NATURE-DEMO envisions creating, validating, scaling, and sustaining Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) to revolutionize climate adaptation strategies and enhance the resilience of vulnerable infrastructure in the face of intensifying climate disruptions. The project encapsulates multiple Innovations, such as:

  • Integration with Nature: Harmonize infrastructure with nature for enhanced resilience.
  • Comprehensive Cataloguing: Thoroughly analyse and parameterise NbS for various infrastructure types.
  • Climate Risk Modelling: Develop a novel framework to quantify adaptation pathways and risk reduction potentials over time.
  • Large-Scale Implementation: Implement a suite of green, blue, and hybrid NbS at scale in five regions within the Alpine biogeographic area.
  • Digital Twin Monitoring: Utilize advanced observation networks to monitor NbS interactions and system-wide resilience impacts.

The NATURE-DEMO project brings together a diverse consortium of 23 partners, comprising top experts from six industrial enterprises, eight academic organizations, four research organizations, four non-profit organizations, and the Austrian Federal Ministry. This collaborative effort reflects a shared commitment to mainstreaming NbS and making them viable options for infrastructure owners.

"We are honoured and excited to lead the NATURE-DEMO project, which holds the promise of reshaping how we approach climate resilience in critical infrastructure. This Horizon Europe funding will enable us to bring together expertise from various sectors and create sustainable solutions that address the challenges posed by climate change." Dr. Mohamed Eldessouki, Director of DIC.