Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

SHM allows the measurement and evaluation of changes in geometric and material properties of structures. Installed sensors and measurement techniques are required to measure the accurate response of structures under complex loads. Evaluating time and frequency measurements provides a critical understanding of structural behaviors.

Monitoring Buildings and Bridges

Long-term SHM is commonly used in monitoring essential structures. We design and evaluate the sensor system (types, positions,…etc.) and report the measurements data to give a complete behavior evaluation. Short-period SHM is used to examine the current performance of small-scale structures, such as low, medium, and tall buildings. We design suitable sensors for monitoring the vibration of these structures and report their evaluation.

Damage Detection Algorithms

We design algorithms for damage detection of structures based on SHM measurements. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assess the damage level in the time and frequency domains. Different kinds of noises and errors contaminate the SHM data and require special de-noising algorithms. We design advanced signal processing algorithms to eliminate these noises and provide accurate structure behaviors.

Structure Performance Modeling

We utilize Machine and Deep Learning Techniques in modeling structure behaviors and create computational models to evaluate structures in real-time. We use Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and nonlinear dynamic time-history analysis to design the control systems. For example, the centrically braced frame (CBF) with a lead-rubber bearing (LRB) isolator as Braced Control System.

Control Systems

With increasing environmental disasters, a control system is required for tall buildings, airport structures, bridges, ..etc. Control systems of structures are needed for reducing the damage of structure members under high impact loads, such as seismic loads. Active, semi-active, passive, and hybrid control systems are used. We simulate Passive Control Systems for buildings using shaking tables and scaled steel frames.For the vibration measurements, we provide consultations on sensor selection and positioning for SHM. The sensor types and costs are provided based on the structure. Also, we provide consultations on selecting efficient geomatic sensors, algorithms, and software that can be used for the monitoring system.